About Winged Heart

Drew Landsborough and Mara Eagle began making hand painted glass gifts back in 1979 – our mission was to design and make high quality, original, gifts that everyone could afford. Today, 38 years later, at our workshop in the borders of Scotland and Cumbria we are still doing the same thing. Many of the original designs and products are still being made and sold, along with a growing catalogue of re-drawn stained glass reproductions from all around the world.

By making our small hand painted glass reproductions we hope to perpetuate interest in stained glass, especially ancient glass, and in the process providing funds for the care and preservation of cathedrals, abbeys and churches, wherever they are.

As well as our static clings and stained glass reproductions we also make hand painted glass paperweights and decorative leaded Mackintosh and Minimalist mirrors.

We have received many letters and emails telling us that our handmade gifts have ‘winged’ their way around the world, giving a little joy and love to whoever they end up with.


About Our Static Window Clings

Winged Heart Clings are self-cling Window Decorations made with high grade materials and the highest quality printing achievable currently. There is no glue or adhesive - they cling to windows by static only. They are very easy to apply to the window, and can also be repositioned effortlessly.

When you unpack your Cling, you will find that it is mounted on a clear backing sheet. The Cling will be square or rectangular, and slightly smaller than its transparent backing sheet. Remove it by lifting one corner and gently pulling off the backing. Then, after making sure your window or glass door is clean and dry, just smooth the Cling onto the glass. If you don't get it right first time, just peel it off again and reposition. There is no residue.

For best colour retention, constant strong sunlight should be avoided. North or East facing windows preferred in the northern hemisphere - the opposite in the southern.

Our Static Clings are produced from our photographs of Winged Heart Stained Glass original, and totally re-drawn, artwork and are, of course, subject to copyright. They may not be reproduced in any way without our permission.

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