Our Lady of Kyiv Static Window Cling

Our Lady of KyivThe Virgin of Kyiv is possibly the most famous icon in the world. It was made by a Byzantine artist about the year 1132 for Prince Mstislav (1125-1132) of Kyiv. Mstislav, the son of King Volodymyr Monomakh (1113-1125), of Kyiv Rus, decided to build a church in Vyshorod, near Kyiv, for which the foundation stone was laid in 1132. He commissioned an icon of the Virgin and Child from Byzantium. Our Lady of Kyiv, which arrived in Ukraine about 1134, is a masterpiece. This religious painting probably reflected the taste of the Kyiv royal family and is the first great work in the Kyivan or Ukrainian school of icons. Ukrainians usually call the icon the Virgin of Vyshorod. The icon is now in Moscow.
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