How are your Static Window Clings made?

Alongside our Static Window Cling products, we also make hand painted Stained Glass Gifts. The designs for our clings start life as one of these stained glass pieces. A new design is redrawn from the subject before we make our products. The design is then painted by hand onto glass, before it is photographed and printed on a high quality transparent sheet, which will stick to a window with static.  

I ordered a round design but when it arrived it is printed on a clear square sheet - is this right?

Yes - all our designs, no matter what shape, are printed on square or rectangular sheets. However, if you would prefer it to be rounded or have a rounded top then you can trim the clear edging with a pair of sharp scissors. We recommend trimming it to leave a clear gap of between 2mm to 5mm to avoid intruding on the design.

When placed on a window, can the design be seen from both sides?

Yes - our designs are printed on transparent sheets, so when they are displayed in a window it will be visible from both sides. The design will be much clearer to see on the inside of the window with the light shining through.

How do I remove the Static Cling from the packaging? 

The Static Cling is attached to a larger/thicker piece of backing plastic, which goes under the paper ‘header’.  The cling itself is smaller than the backing and can just be peeled away from it.  You should easily be able to see where the cling stops on the backing. Hold the corner of the cling (which is on the front of the backing) and at the same time bend the backing plastic away from it.  Because the Cling is only held on to the backing plastic by static, and is not stuck on with glue, it will come away and then can just be smoothed on to a window.

One of the designs I like has no pricing or way to order it - why is this?

In a few cases where we have been invited to make exclusive bespoke re-drawn original design collections, we may agree not to sell these to other Cathedral and Church shops, or on our website; but nevertheless may present them as 'not for sale' on our website as examples of our output of bespoke works of art. These designs are available at the gift shop of the location they were designed for.

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