Here at Winged Heart all our designs are produced on a bespoke basis for our clients. Some of our static window clings have been produced on a one-off basis for special exhibitions and events. These static window clings as well as looking fantastic also make affordable souvenirs and gifts.

If you have a design for an event, exhibition or an occasion then contact us at info@winged-heart.com or 016977 3589. Our UK Office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 4pm Friday. 

Below are a selection of bespoke designs we have produced in the past.

National Archive
National Archive
Disney trial of Beauty and the Beast
Disney Trial
Beauty and the Beast
Albatross Tours
Albatross Tours
British Library Conflamingulation
British Library - Conflamingulation
British Library Curioscillotropy
British Library - Curioscillotropy