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Winged Heart make high quality 'static cling' original art window decorations. Just peel off the backing sheet and smooth on to a clean dry window. Static 'Window Clings' are fully repositionable and leave no residue. Bring colour to your windows! Also useful for internal sliding doors, French windows, Conservatories, and discouraging birds from flying into windows. All designs are copyright. Reproduced and printed from our original re-drawn artwork. Easy to post, they make inexpensive gifts. We supply by mail order worldwide.

About Winged Heart

Winged Heart Stained Glass is a small Arts & Crafts 'celtic' manufacturing company based in the borders of Scotland and Cumbria. We supply wide ranges of our original design glass gift products by Mail Order, and Trade to gift shops in Cathedrals, Museums and Galleries in the UK and worldwide. This year we celebrate 36 of making hand painted glass.

Cathedrals, Abbeys & ChurchesCathedrals, Abbeys & Churches

England - Scotland - France - Germany - USA - Australia - Hong Kong

Cultural Heritage, Museums & GalleriesCultural Heritage, Museums & Galleries

English Heritage - Scottish Heritage - Welsh Heritage - Isle of Man

Literary & Poetical WorksLiterary & Poetical Works

Robert Burns - William Shakespeare

Celtic, Pictish & VikingCeltic, Pictish & Viking

Celtic Designs - Pictish Designs - Viking Designs

What we are trying to do - our mission ethos

We have tried to make beautiful, hand made and hand painted, stained glass gifts with love and care at a price that many people can afford and with a little 'spirit' in every piece. We have also tried to create our Cathedral ranges of 'window clings', as faithfully redrawn reproductions of what we believe are some of the most lovely and cherished stained glass windows in our Cathedrals and Churches.

We ourselves still find it deeply moving that we have been privileged to have been in touch with the work of so many wonderful stained glass artists from the past in the Cathedrals and Churches which we have visited. In our presenting their work now, in homage to these often spiritually moved artists, we find it doubly satisfying that by our creating inexpensive and worthwhile gift reproductions of their windows for Cathedral and Church gift shops, the income from the sales of our products will help to boost the important work of providing funds for the care and preservation of these lovely buildings.

We have received many letters telling us that our handmade glass gift products have 'winged' their way around the world, giving a little joy and love to whoever they end up with. And that is implied in the meaning of the name 'Winged Heart' which we chose to work under. It is an ancient symbol, representing the 'Heart', for Love and Compassion, for God and for one another; on the uplifting 'Wings' of joy and inspiration. We wish the world peace, and love, and, especially, compassion.

Best wishes,

Mara + Drew


All rights reserved. No commercial use of images permitted without written agreement.

All designs are totally re-drawn original works of art, whether original fresh new designs by ourselves and our artists , or faithfully redrawn new reproduction works inspired by originals, which we believe are accepted as now in the Public Domain (over 70 years). Importantly, none of our redrawn artworks are in any way photographic reproductions of existing works of art, unless authorised and requested to do so by the authorities concerced.

In most cases where we do not charge for (often significant) artwork costs, we have an arrangement to make such designs available for sale to other Cathedrals and Churches gift shops and on our own website, in order to recoup some of these costs. However, in a few cases where we have been invited to make exclusive bespoke re-drawn original design collections, we may agree not to sell these to other Cathedral and Church shops, or on our website; but nevertheless may present them as 'not for sale' on our website as examples of our output of bespoke works of art, in order to recoup some value.

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